A few tips to feed your insatiable wanderlust on a budget.

Rome, Italy (Photo by Author)

It was 2018 and my previously-thought irrational flight anxieties finally became realities. I won’t go into any great detail as to why, but I suddenly found myself stuck in New York City, without a flight, and absolutely broke.

Did I mention that I needed to be in Nepal in two days?

I had scheduled a flight that would have me in Nepal nearly a full day early to give me time to rest and explore before my life became consumed by a conference. An airline-who-must-not-be-named declined to let me…

I want to do something that no one did for me in 2016. Something that I only wish someone had done.

I love you, and I am sorry for your pain.

When it comes to emotions, reality often takes second fiddle. The reality of the election outcome; the reality of Donald Trump’s policies, actions, and words that have been personally harmful; the reality of the very precarious situation that we find ourselves in as a nation…that does matter.

But so does the hurt, betrayal, and rejection that you’re feeling.

Soon after the 2016 election, I received a text from a…

Photo by Author— Killarney National Park, Ireland

I sense you in the stillness; I feel you in the quiet.

When I am most empty my soul overflows.

I see you in the solitude; I hear you in the silence.

Your presence is strongest nary a soul in sight.

I stare into the void and speak to no one:

What is your name?

I am The Timeless, The Boundless, and ninety-seven others.

My name rests on tongues of birds in the air and fish in the sea.

I am the monk, the guru, the priest, and the preacher.

Where are you?

I am in the babbling brook and…

Photo taken at LBJ school event (Photographer unknown)

*Record scratch*

Yeah, that’s me (top left). See, I’m the only idiot looking at the wrong camera. Or maybe I was just watching the former Vice President…the world may never know. You’re probably wondering how I got here. Let’s rewind a couple of hours.

Joe Biden was late.

An over-eager group of graduate students huddled together on the stairs of the Great Hall of the Lyndon B. Johnson Presidential Library and Museum. We were the lucky ones. It was 2017, and we had been selected by lottery to meet former Vice President Joe Biden.

His flight had been delayed, but…

A war-torn short story

Amal wakes to the faint sound of the Adhan calling the faithful to prayer and revels in the only sense of normalcy that remains while her eyes are still closed. She can still imagine the smell of breakfast waiting and the sound of her mother’s footsteps from the kitchen, past the bedroom, and into the prayer room. As her parents end their prayers, her father comes to gently kiss his daughter’s forehead and summon her to eat before getting ready for school.

She reluctantly opens her eyes, not to any of the aforementioned relics of her past, but to a…

Photo by Author (Christ Church Cathedral, Dublin)

Wiping the sleep from his eyes, Henry squints into the bathroom mirror and realizes he still has an earring in one ear. He takes it out and washes off the vestige of lipstick still there from last night. Walking back into the bedroom, he picks up the handful of clothes on the floor and tosses them at the gentleman, nearly twice his age, still sound asleep in the bed.

“Pleasure doing business with you,” he quips, only half-jokingly, with a smirk.

The man is less than amused. He snarls as he scrambles out of the sheets, hastily dresses, and makes…


Alienation and reconciliation in my home state of Alabama

WWII Memorial, Washington, D.C. (Photo by author)

I come in peace. It’s a phrase that evokes images of extraterrestrials attempting to make contact with humans, explorers stumbling upon previously unknown civilizations, and, ever-increasingly, me returning to my home state of Alabama.

I love talking politics. I also love visiting my home. Growing up, my father and I had a ritual of watching the news every evening and talking about the issues. Even after moving half a country away, we both followed the 2016 presidential election closely and discussed the results of every debate.

I no longer find political discussion as enjoyable as it used to be. Aside…

Cody Brasher

I like the part where Politics meets Humanity. Alabama Native. Veteran. DC Swamp-Dweller. Aspiring Story-Teller. Occasional Poet.

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